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We’ve got all your canine needs covered. Read below to find out more!


Full Service Training Facility & Bite Club

It’s never too late to start your training journey but we always recommend starting early to prevent behavioural problems, to create appropriate ones and encourage a strong bond.

Our K9 Obedience and Bite Club is comprised of  intimate  one-on-one sessions with our experienced trainer. His passion is reflected in his persistence to help your dog to achieve the level of obedience that you are committed to obtaining. We train you on how to train your dog and in the end, participating in our obedience and bite club programs you will gain the knowledge and skills vital for training success.

    Professional Grooming Service & Self-Grooming

    Our in-house groomer was trained by world-renowned groomers and has been active within the grooming industry for over 30 years. He graduated from the Pet Grooming Studio Academy in Toronto with honours in both his Course 1 and Course 2 certificates. Grooming prices vary. Please contact us for more information.

    Self-Grooming: We have a spacious grooming room with all of the products and tools needed to make your pet feel like royalty. If you are unsure how to properly groom your pet, we can assist you and provide guidance on how a proper bath is given, nail cutting, ear cleaning, blow-drying and de-shedding.

    Self-Grooming – $15/30 mins


      Your furry animals are a valuable members  of your family and at K9 Canada we treat them like they are our own. Our full dog-friendly facility provides a safe haven for your pets to learn, socialize and have fun. They will learn important skills, including how to be more social with humans and  other dogs.

      Our spacious indoor play area is fully supervised and we make sure to group dogs together according to temperament, age, size and play style to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for your beloved pet.

      We offer an indoor off-leash setting, allowing your pet freedom to roam, smell and play.

      Half-day Daycare: 6 hours or less – $20
      Full-day Daycare: More than 6 hours – $35

      Rent our play area for $100/hr, perfect for dog birthdays, pet CPR classes, play dates, and training session!

      If you are interested in a raw dog cake, please let us know in advance so we can make arrangements (this would be an extra charge).


      In addition to all of the valuable time played during the day, your furry family is also fully supervised overnight. Our furry guests are grouped with their favorite sleeping buddies or given a private suite if they would prefer to sleep alone.

      Unfixed Boarding – $70/night
      Fixed Boarding – $50/night